Scarves and souffles

hat and scarf

This weekend was very cold and dreary. Cold for this early on in Texas. Richard was in town and brought Apollo, so we had a full day yesterday trying to wear him out. We took him on a run when we finally got ourselves out of bed. I wanted to take him to PetSmart to get him a Christmas collar, but it was so busy that they had run out already and had not yet restocked. So I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get my Christmas photo with him! But then we moved on and bundled up even more and took him to Mutt’s Cantina so Apollo could run around the dog park, learning to socialize with other dogs. Richard and I enjoyed some hot dogs and watched football on the screens they had there. We stuck it out in the cold as long as possible. Apollo still gets nervous around other dogs but we think he made a few new friends.

But what I was really looking forward to was our Sunday Fun Day. I wanted to go check out Rise No. 1 because they mainly serve souffles, and I have heard many great things about it. It was the perfect restaurant to warm all my insides on a chilly day, and I was impressed from the moment we walked in the door. The place smelled absolutely amazing. Friends told me I needed to order the marshmallow soup, which is their take on the tomato bisque, but they make their own small goat cheese souffles they use as the “marshmallows.” We ordered the truffle mushroom souffle, and one that was off the menu which I highly recommend: their cauliflower souffle with brie. The brie was so melty and delicious in the center of the souffle. Then we ordered the cranberry champagne dessert souffle. I was in heaven.

After lunch we walked around doing a little more Christmas shopping. I stay bundled up and warm in my comfy scarf and hat!

souffle dessert souffle meal

hat scarf and apollo



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